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Northern Carolina Cluster

On November 17, 1990, the Chapter extended an invitation to the Northern Carolina Cluster for the 1991 Cluster.

At the request of Regional Director Maxine Black, the Chapter hosted the Northern Carolina Cluster, Warren County High School, November 1991. Even though this was a relatively new Chapter, it was felt that the sorors could successfully handle the task. Brenda Clarke, a Warrenton, NC Stained Glass Artist, was commissioned to design and create a stained class Ivy Leaf for over 100 attendees. Norma White of Florida facilitated the Cluster training which focused on the "new cluster concept approach" for Regional Conferences.

On October 19, 2012, the Chapter hosted “The Talk” at Robinson Ferry Restaurant in Warrenton. On October 20, 2012, the Chapter hosted the Cluster at Vance Granville Community College Civic Center. There were around 285 sorors in attendance.

Mid-Atlantic Regional

In April 1989, Rosiland C. Gilliam and Jennie A. Johnson Franklin were delegates to the Chapter's first Regional Conference.

Members served on Planning Committees for conferences, hosted by the Northern Carolina Cluster, with one being the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Members also served on the Planning Committee for the 2008 Centennial Regional Conference as part of the Mid-Atlantic Region held in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In addition, members served on the Planning Committee for the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference to be held in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Members chaired and served on several Regional Conference Committees.


Members served on Boule Committees. Members have attended every Boule since 1992.

Leadership Conference

Sisters Bertadean Baker and Kendra Davis attend Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2011. Sorors have attended every Leadership Conference since 2017.

Founders’ Day

Chapter has participated in Joint Founders' Day Celebration with the following Northern Carolina Cluster Chapters: Alpha Chi, Alpha Zeta Omega, Iota Mu, Mu Omicron Omega, Nu Chi Omega, Sigma Nu Omega, Sigma Tau Omega, Theta Pi Omega and Chi Rho Omega. Chapter hosted Joint Founders' Day Celebration in 2005 at Warren County High School. Recently we participated in Joint Founders Day with the following Eastern Carolina Cluster Chapters: Kappa Iota Omega, Nu Eta Omega, Xi Rho Omega, and Zeta Kappa Omega.

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